Sunday, November 24, 2013


Hey fight fans! Going to be revving up the work for Fighters Universe. I personally suffer from having too many things going on at once and not being able to really  keep up with them. Going to try to change that...

Any way I'm hoping to produce about 2 pages a month. I know that's not much but with so many other things going on I'm hoping I can be consistent with that.

Here is a big start though. The idea is to have the fights which will take place in three time periods, meaning three independent story lines that may cross from time to time. The present day storyline will probably have the most going on. The first arch starts with a Capoeira tournament hosted at the Pao Pao cafe.

Page 3 first fight of the series.

Idea for the online cover. Still might clean his up and use it.
Cover for first arch

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